Arrow & Co Partners with Galena Brewing Company

Solar Power: Good for Business & Good for the Environment

Solar energy is a clean, renewable, economically and even socially responsible energy resource and an excellent alternative to our long-time dependence on fossil fuels. It’s simply a better way to power our homes, businesses, and communities. 

As technology becomes more efficient and accessible to the masses, so does solar energy. Between the diminishing expense of the infrastructure and current state and federal incentives, it’s more affordable now than ever before. 

At Arrow Energy, we believe solar is the best way to power a sustainable lifestyle, so we’ve made it our mission to make alternative energy affordable and accessible to everyone in our community. We aim to provide the most innovative energy solutions to our forward-thinking customers, leaving a lasting, positive impact for years to come. 

That’s why we are thrilled to announce a clean energy collaboration with Galena Brewing Company and Arrow Energy! Galena Brewing understands that to be a truly successful business, they must also care about the prosperity and the future of its community. With the addition of a solar energy system by Arrow Energy, they are building on this philosophy. The first installation of its kind in downtown Galena, this solar array will help Galena Brewing Company power roughly 16% of their facility…equivalent to over 300,000 pints of beer per year!

“Since the cost of solar power has been plummeting over the past several years, it just makes sense for the Galena Brewery to harness some of that low cost energy available from the sun every day. We also recognize the benefits of a low carbon footprint and continuously work to improve that wherever we can. We look forward to offering our EV customers “sun power” as they charge their EV’s at the brewery!” – Warren Bell, Owner/Founder of Galena Brewing Company

Implementation on the solar energy system is set to begin in early March, with completion scheduled for April, weather pending. Galena residents are invited to join Arrow Energy at Galena Brewing Company for a special commissioning event in April, along with free solar consultations and meet-and-greet with Warren, owner of Galena Brewing Company!

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