Bingham Residence

About the project

Overview: The Bingham family contacted us because they needed a sustainable solution to heating a secondary building on their residential property. After comparing several different energy types, including gas and electric, they reached out to Arrow Energy to provide additional insight and guidance on solar energy.
Challenge: The Binghams wanted to add a method of temperature control to their shed, which they were finishing and making very well insulated. They were not only price conscious, but also concerned with the environmental impact, and wanted a long-term sustainable solution.
Solution: After comparing gas and electric options, The Binghams ultimately tapped Arrow Energy to provide a ground-mounted PV array on the property. The ground mount option was recommended by Arrow due to the land available around the property and because of the orientation of the secondary building. After working with Jo Carroll, Arrow successfully installed the ground mount unit in just a few short months, allowing the client to capitalize on the additional tax credits as well.
Results: Because the Binghams invested in solar instead of spending money on propane, they are projected to save $1700 annually and have a return on investment period of approximately 4 years – something that never would have been possible with a propane and gas approach. What’s more, the ground mount system produces enough energy to cover the secondary building and also helps offset nearly 25% of their residence as well!

By the Numbers

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