Galena ARC

About the project

Overview: Local nonprofit Galena ARC reached out to Arrow Energy looking for ways to reduce operating costs following a move into a much larger, newer building.
Challenge: The Galena ARC wanted to proactively cut expenses as much as possible, in order to have the budget to expand their community-focused programs. What’s more, as a non-profit organization, they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of many of the tax benefits that are available with solar.
Solution: The team at Arrow Energy wanted to help this great community organization. We installed a custom system at a rate much lower than that offered by regional competitors, so that the Galena ARC could keep their budget in tact and continue doing great work for the community.
Results: The result is a savings of several thousands of dollars per year, allowing those funds to otherwise be used for community programs. With a solar energy system, the Galena ARC is able to successfully expand, maintain valuable programs and keep its carbon footprint low without breaking the bank!

By the Numbers

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