We're looking for a talented creative to help us continue to develop and build our brand. This person will have the opportunity to craft branded materials and adverts, design websites, assist with design elements with our social media accounts, and help develop marketing campaigns. Proficiency in the Adobe Suite, strong communication, and a critical eye for detail are a must.

the opportunity

Arrow & Co is looking for a passionate, talented graphic designer to join our team to help curate and develop internal branding and marketing assets. You’ll be helping build our brand and develop inroads into new communities to enable our company to help service more people. Communication is key to prevent advertising missteps and in order to work with our sales team to collaborate on marketing events, campaigns, and ideas.

You’ll be given the chance to develop a wide range of skills such as website design and development, drone photography and videography, social media marketing campaign execution, and more! Proficiency in the Adobe Suite, strong communication, and a critical eye for detail are a must.



Collaborate with the sales team and management staff to develop content for various needs

Marketing Assets

Collect, design, and create marketing assets including taking photos, drone videography, branded material development, and much more


You'll help assist team members in organizing and coordinating the execution of our marketing campaigns and events


Build exciting brands and produce messages in line with our company values and priorities

Website Design

Help with designing new, redesigning old, and maintaining current websites for both in-house needs and client needs


We want you to learn and grow. We want to be ahead of the curve when it comes. tonew tools, resources, and changing design language

desired skills

  • Strong communication skills

  • Self motivated and creative

  • Critical eye for detail
  • Photography experience preferred

  • Able to collaborate with coworkers and clients

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Proficient in Adobe Suite

  • Photography experience preferred

  • Experience with different social platforms preferred


  • Competitive Salaries

  • Growth & Upward Mobility

  • 401K w/ match

  • Health & Dental

  • Diverse Skillset Development

  • Supplemental Insurance

A few reasons why you'll love working with us.


We foster an environment of collaboration, open engagement, fairness, and respect regardless of differences in age, race, ability, rank, or background.


Our team is comprised of doers laser focused on improvement and getting "it" done no matter what the "it" may be.

growth mindset

We're growth minded. We want to grow and we want to see our people and our communities grow and succeed with us. We're always learning.


We have each others' backs and want what's best for one another. We're all on the same team and things work best when we all row the same direction.


We want to take care of our people and we're always looking to add benefits: competitive wages, 401k match, health, dental, and supplemental insurance