Reactive vs Proactive Security

Proper security is crucial to business. It can be as simple as double-checking the locks at the end of the day, or as intricate as a full-blown security system. But what is actually enough? Most people wouldn’t invite a stranger into their house without supervision, but in business, that’s what happens every day.

A large majority of customers are strangers to a business. They may enter, browse, and if everything goes according to plan, make a purchase. But there’s always a chance someone has other plans, and you can’t always tell until it’s too late.

Unfortunately, people can be too reactive when it comes to security. They’ll wait for an incident and then decide to install cameras or other options. That effectively increases the overall cost of security, and depending on the situation, the increased cost could be significant.

Rather than be reactive, a proactive approach is more effective. Think of cameras like antivirus: they exist to protect you from the bad that could happen, but have the added benefit of acting as a deterrent if someone is up to no good. Cover yourself both before (and after) anything bad occurs.