Solar for Farms & Agriculture

Farmers know the power of the sun. Just as the sun can help grow crops to make for a successful crop season, the sun’s power can also be harvested for the benefit of the farm without extra effort. Farms of all sizes are starting to learn the competitive advantages of solar energy.

Lowers Cost of Operation, Improves Cash Flow

Electrical costs can be an unpredictable and a costly expense. Solar arrays can help bring your bill under control by offsetting the majority or all of your usage. The result is often thousands in savings per year and hundreds of dollars per month. This newly freed up cash can be used for other improvements, investments, or even just a nice night out on the town.

Incentives Offset the Cost

In Illinois and beyond, 2020 is a great year to invest in solar. Besides the historically low materials prices and savings on your electric bill, there are several incentives that help reduce the cost solar arrays and ensure for a quick payback. Arrow Solar has seen upwards of 60% solar cost offset through incentives. If you’d like to learn more about the Illinois incentives available to businesses, residents, and farms, check out our article on Illinois incentives! You can truly turn a tax liability into an asset for your farm!

Energy Independence

Solar arrays can help a business, resident, or farm become more self-sufficient and independent. By investing in a solar array, you are investing in a means of energy production. Sizing an array for close to 100% offset will help reduce reliance on your utility to generate power for you and also reduce your exposure to increasing power prices, including demand charges due to power spikes. You can even take it a step further by also investing in a backup battery or generator. Solar provides a great peace of mind knowing your energy is produced locally by yourself on your property.

Improvement for the Next Generation

Solar is an investment in the future. Energy savings and independence can be passed on to the next generation. Solar arrays have a warrantied lifespan of 25 years; however, it is expected that arrays will continue to operate beyond the 25-year warranty. You can rest assured the next generation on your farm will continue to benefit from the electric cost savings for decades and environmental benefits for a lifetime.

As you can see, 2020 is an outstanding year to invest in solar. Arrow Solar will help walk you through your options, install your array, work with your utility on the interconnection, and help ensure your array remains operational 24/7 without any additional or extra effort on your part. Our goal is to help you improve your farm so you can do what you do best even better. Reach out through our website or phone number to see if solar is a right fit for you!