Kieffer Residence

About the project

Overview: The Kieffer family reached out to Arrow Energy to discuss ways to reduce their current energy bill and offset their usage as much as possible.
Challenge: The Kieffers wanted to invest in a sustainable energy solution that would also see a quick return on their investment. What’s more, they also weren’t sure if there was a viable placement for a solar array, and aesthetics were a priority as well.
Solution: We helped the Kieffer family navigate the current Illinois tax incentives and credits in order to find the most financially sound solar approach. We balanced energy needs with cost to bring them a quicker return on their investment. After a thorough site inspection and custom array design, we were able to find an optimal location for the array that would both yield high energy results and be visually appealing.
Results: Arrow Energy helped the Kieffers determine the optimal solution both financially and aesthetically. Utilizing state and federal incentives, the family’s projected annual savings is $1,800 and results in a 1.5 year ROI period.

By the Numbers

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